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Luminium Coin is the first digital asset backed by aluminum, designed to protect your money from inflation. Pay no aluminum storage fees until October 1st.
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What are the benefits  of Luminium Coin  ?
What are the benefits
of Luminium Coin ?
Guard Against Inflation
Money loses its value over time. With aluminum’s price stability your money will retain most its value.
Defend Your Portfolio
Add aluminum to your portfolio by investing in Luminium Coin. Aluminum as a metal asset is low risk, easily tradeable, and exchangeable.
Wealth Growth
Aluminum is a real asset, storing your savings in something real is the key to financial freedom.
A Secure Future
Prices are rising and money is being over-printed. Luminium Coins are the path to a financially secure future.
How does it work?
1 Luminium Coin = 1 kilogram of aluminum.
Direct Ownership
Storage Fees
Daily swipe from your token balance of 0.01%.
Prices are rising and money is being over-printed. Luminium Coins are the path to a financially secure future.
Physical Redemption
Minimum Purchase Required?
25 metric tons
Accepted Forms of Payment
ACH, Cryptocurrency
Aluminum futures can only be purchased with U.S. dollars.
Third Party Audits
Point of Delivery
Investor’s Choice
Seller’s Choice
Aluminium as an asset
Aluminum is a real asset.While cryptocurrencies are backed by algorithms, Luminium Coin is backed by aluminum. This means you can physically own aluminum or we can store it for you.
Aluminum is exceptionally useful.Aluminum more than any other metal can be easily substituted for other metals, plastic, and even wood.
Aluminum is almost 100% recyclable.It is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust: there will always be enough supply to back our token network.
Aluminium as an asset
Luminium Coin Guarantee
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All Luminium Coins are backed by 100% physical metal.
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You are the direct owner of your aluminum; the coin functions as the title to your physical metal.
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Luminium Coin is audited by a top provider of audit, tax, and consulting services.
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Luminium Coin performs daily reconciliation of the balances between the physical metal in storage and your wallet balance.
A paradigm shift
Today, all currencies are fiat currencies, without any hard anchor. Their supply is determined by central banks without external limits. Because of this, the world is losing faith in national fiat currencies.
The ever-increasing popularity of major cryptocurrencies and physical precious metals is an indication of the world’s discomfort with the unrestrained policies of global governments and central banks. We are enthusiastic about our idea and want to share it with the world. Interested in learning more?
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