Luminium Coins are warehouse receipts backed by real aluminum.

The Tokenization

Tokenization refers to the securitization of aluminum inventories, and the issuance of digital “tokens” (which are like warehouse receipts) that are fungible and each represent a fixed quantity of aluminum. With tokenization, anyone can own physical aluminum.

Tokenization allows a supplier’s customer base to include both Aluminum industry participants and financial investors.

  • Tokens can be easily transferred peer-to-peer, without requiring an intermediary exchange.

  • Tokens are transparently convertible into physical metal.

  • All token wallets are allocated meaning: ownership of the token is equivalent to ownership of the underlying metal.

  • Tokens can be owned by any individual or institutional investor, or any manufacturer or financial institution.

in a portfolio

Diversified investors will need to have a “defensive asset” in their portfolios.

These assets maintain value during periods of monetary inflation, like gold, real estate, and Bitcoin. Since returns on aluminum have little correlation to the returns on these other assets, adding aluminum diversifies a portfolio.

Futures contracts are difficult to manage, and most companies contract out the practice of hedging. Tokens are easier to manage and easier to convert into physical if so desired.




Who is considered
an institutional

Luminium Coin is available to a variety of  customers both domestic and international. We cater to:

  • Asset management and investment companies

  • Family offices

  • Foundations

  • Holding and operating companies

  • HNWIs

  • Governments and sovereign funds

Luminium Coin offers real-time liquidity, personalized service, and instant access to your investment balances through our dashboard with custom reporting based on your needs.

What's next?

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