A note from The Board of Directors: Richard W. Rahn, Alberto Gross, and Bart Fisher


Our fundamental argument for purchasing Luminium Coin is that in an uncertain world, with governments having record amounts of debt, the real value of government-issued money is likely to fall over time. Luminium Coin is a hedge against inflation, because it represents something real – aluminum – the most useful of all metals whose price will always have tangible value. Luminium Coin is a “stablecoin” backed by metal, and thus is less risky than a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (backed only by an algorithm), or stablecoins backed by government securities.

Even though we created Luminium Coin as a hedge against economic uncertainty, owners of it are also engaged in speculation about the future price of aluminum. Current owners of Luminium Coin have benefitted from the fact that the price of aluminum has risen more than 30 percent this past year. Yet, none of us know for certain the future course of aluminum prices. There have been several recent articles arguing the price is likely to continue to rise – including a major article that was published in the Wall Street Journal on January 30th, you can read the full article here:  https://luminiumcoin.com/aluminum-prices-cant-keep-up-with-energy-costs-driving-wave-of-closures/. What we know for certain is the price will have its ups and downs, so no one should be surprised if at some time the price declines for some period. What we are willing to predict is that the price of aluminum will be substantially higher in dollar terms a decade from now.

Once our customer base reaches a critical mass, we intend to list the coin on a recognized exchange and move to a blockchain token. 

We now have successfully achieved a means by which to buy and sell Luminium Coins, which has been accepted by the marketplace. We have also acquired sufficient aluminum in warehouses to fully back the coins with the ability to deliver aluminum to those who desire it. If you believe as we do that Luminium Coins are a means of wealth preservation with the potential for capital appreciation, you may wish to encourage others to purchase them or increase your own holdings.

As with other networks, the more holders of Luminium Coin in more countries benefits everyone in the network, by providing more liquidity, increasing the ability to transfer assets almost anywhere in the world, at minimal cost, and to geographically disperse one’s assets to make them more secure.

Thank you for being an early adopter of Luminium Coin, and being part of this great venture.

Best regards,

Richard W. Rahn, Alberto Gross, and Bart Fisher