A 1,000+ Year Old Idea is the Latest Cryptocurrency Trend

By Simon Black @ The Sovereign Man – July 27, 2022 By 1150, a Second Crusade was underway, and Catholic knights were swarming into the Holy Land to fight the Seljuk Turks. Wars are expensive, and the crusaders needed to bring the wealth to fund their campaigns. But that posed a problem. The journey to […]

THE Global Monetary Disaster

We are in the early stages of a global money meltdown. The money meltdown, mainly stemming from governments spending and borrowing irresponsibly, has been underway for some time.

A Reduction In Aluminum Tariffs

By Dr. Bart S. Fisher, General Counsel of Luminium Coin The contentious political argument over Section 232 aluminum tariffs has taken a new turn. The United States announced on March 24th, 2022, that it will replace its Section 232 tariffs on aluminum from the United Kingdom (UK) with tariff-rate quotas that will change the “historically-based sustainable volume of 21.6 thousand […]